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They performed mitochondrial DNA analysis on the tooth and found it to have a sequence different from but similar to that of the finger bone, indicating a divergence time about 7,500 years before, and suggesting that it belonged to a different individual from the same population.

So far, the fossils of four distinct Denisovans from Denisova Cave have been identified through their DNA: Denisova 2, Denisova 3, Denisova 4, and Denisova 8.

The single finger bone is unusually broad and robust, well outside the variation seen in modern people.

I don’t even mention MCI or World Com until 1997, for instance, and some of the logos aren’t the correct ones for the years in question.

GTE, an independent phone company with roots going back to 1918, spins off its GTE Sprint division and merges it with US Telecom, which has roots going back to 1899. SBC acquires Cellular One, the cellular business of Metromedia. Pacific Telesis spins off its wireless services into Air Touch. In the first major reversal of the Bell breakup, Bell Atlantic acquires NYNEX. World Com, a long-distance company with roots dating to 1983, acquires MCI, which goes back to 1963, to form MCI World Com. Air Touch merges with Vodfone of the UK to form Vodafone Airtouch. Vodafone Airtouch and Bell Atlantic form a joint venture called Verizon Wireless. SBC and Bell South combine their wireless businesses into a company called Cingular. After a massive accounting scandal, World Com changes its name to MCI. Qwest, which had offered its own wireless service, sells off its assets and becomes a reseller for Sprint (in 2008, it switches to Verizon Wireless). AT&T acquires Bell South and renames the latter’s Cingular wireless service to AT&T.

The merged company begins offering long-distance service in competition with AT&T under the name Sprint (which, incidentally, stands for “Southern Pacific Railroad Intelligent Network of Telecommunications”). AT&T (which has been trying to turn itself into a long-distance/wireless/cable megaconglomerate) spins off its wireless business to form AT&T Wireless Services. (It continues to offer landline service, but I’m removing it at this point from this accounting.) Sprint buys Nextel to form Sprint Nextel. Sprint Nextel’s wireless broadband unit XOHM merges with Clearwire, giving Sprint 54% ownership of the combined company.

In 2008, Michael Shunkov from the Russian Academy of Sciences and other Russian archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of Novosibirsk investigated the cave.

They found the finger bone of a juvenile hominin, known as both the "X woman" (referring to the maternal descent of mitochondrial DNA), A team of scientists led by Johannes Krause and Svante Pääbo from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, sequenced mt DNA extracted from the fragment.

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