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For those of us who think walking around aimlessly with a cute person sounds terrifying, professional help is available!Susan Baxter, founder and CEO of Hire a Boston Wing Woman, says her lifelong interest in sociology led her to championing the art of breaking the ice.These clients are serious about finding a long-term partner and are not interested in the games that online dating services play.We have a natural feel for introducing like-minded couples, and we actively help our members through the dating process. Allen Matchmaking, we are the premiere Boston and Naples dating service.Clients in their thirties like lounges or nice events, and forties and up like nice restaurants and more upscale events and fundraisers.

Usually clients in their twenties want to go to a club or lounge.

We’ll go to any venue with a client as long as it’s a public, safe space.” I did not ask Baxter for advice on date ideas, not because I wanted to avoid her reasonable fee, but because I’m still trying to get my boyfriend to take me to the New England Aquarium for their new Weird Lobsters of the World exhibit.

I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of a pro.

Baxter has cashed in impressively on a growing market in Boston: smart, funny, socially awkward singles in their twenties and thirties who are looking for love.

Considering the rise of apps like Tinder (the company claims over 1 billion matches so far!

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