Dating meets destiny

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Destiny is equally hilarious and quirky, at times strong and at others insecure.

Even though one might assume a first-person narrative would allow readers a more intimate view of the characters, I felt like I was almost friends with the narrator, looking on at two of our hopelessly confused friends repeatedly messing up, but coming through in the end. With chapters alternating between Beatle and Destiny, as well as the film segments, the novel has an almost cinematic quality to it.Beatle currently has a girlfriend, his sister’s best friend Cilla, and although he likes her, he feels their relationship is an almost accidental one.But that doesn’t mean he wants Destiny to find out about her, either; which could be difficult considering that Destiny’s older brother is Beatle’s English teacher and also secretly dating his sister.That Beatle feels his relationship with Cilla results from taking of the path of least resistance, that their getting together is just an accident of circumstance, makes Beatle seem kind of jerky…but a sweet and very appealing jerk, nevertheless.Beatle learns throughout the novel that living a life of avoidance (avoiding Friday the 13, avoiding telling his girlfriend their relationship should end) keeps him from experiencing life to the fullest, even if that involves taking risks and making himself available.

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Their slang and word choice also reflects, to an extent, their locale.

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