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A machine-dominated information environment is a rational extrapolation of current technology trends into the near future.This machine-generated text, audio, and video will overwhelm human communication online.Systems looking for humans to influence will inevitably wind up talking to other machine-driven communication accounts posing as humans.The most sophisticated AI detection systems will be able to distinguish human accounts from machine-driven accounts.Don’t even bother trying to sleep tonight because Facebook already made all your nightmares come true when two of its robots went rogue, started communicating in their own made-up language and started defying commands.

The machines will talk to, at and over each other, drowning out human conversations online with a tidal wave of machine-driven speech and content.

It will be increasingly difficult, even for AI systems, to know whether users online are actually people or machines mimicking people.

The online information environment will be polluted with machine-driven speech designed to sell, persuade, intimidate, distract, entertain, advocate, inform, misinform, and manipulate you.

It is now available on the Atlantic Council website and includes a scenario based analysis, and recommendations for governments, organizations and individuals.

A version for public diplomacy professionals was also included in the ACPD report “Can Public Diplomacy Survive the Internet?

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Like other digital tools, once created, the marginal cost of creating more is almost zero.