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S/he seems eager to release tall tales of Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic's affairs from the very first chat sessions. Has started the account on April 1st which could be an "April Fool's" prank. IS insistent that s/he is Maura even when proven wrong.Note: Maura was very cryptic about her marriage; would she be quick to release this kind of information? This could be common to happen but I am offended as a fan and can prove that this imposter said those rumors since I saved them all.What's disturbing is that now, s/he has someone commenting by thanking her that for going to a funeral and stuff. I'm sure the *real* maura doesn't take stuff like this from anyone omg that is so horrible she is making up these lies..can really ruin a person's life and reputation.That doesn't change the fact that this liar is in Maine and I can guarantee this with the STATs. This person is so wrapped up in the lies that they continue to be made up, but made up poorly and in a way that's has no logical basis. :lol: jesus my 12 yr old daughter can do better than that :lol: ,it is a bit creepy though that people do believe that it is Maura ,as youve already said loads of info is either wrong or already on websites,total wacko :wacko: Does the person realise Maura hates the internet and has always said she wants nothing to do with it? she claims she is maura tierney but doesn't even get her *own* facts straight! Imagine all the people out there who might acually believe her!

I have the IP address which this person off the internet stat's which proved that the location of this imposter is: Lewiston, Maine; USA.This person never says anything that proves that it is in fact Maura but instead only releases information we all know from Spoilers, online actor bios and news (Google).This person does not prove in any way, shape or form anything that remotely suggests s/he is grounded.S/he does not have her (Maura Tierney's) facts straight. Is immature when s/he speaks to the fans and uses juvenile abbreviations that do not qualify her as an adult. Is irresponsible with passing out personal information about Maura Tierney that deals with her personal life.Information that Maura would keep secret if it were true.

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For those of you, who chat with this person, be careful.

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  1. Usually folks on the left are inherently skeptical of the role societal pressure plays in romantic interactions, but for some reason, when it comes to attraction based on race, that skepticism gets thrown out the window in favor of some guilty campus liberal nonsense rationalizing that self-imposed racial prohibitions on dating partners is somehow natural.