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House wife sex chtt

I took a shower, wrapped a towel around me and was standing in front of the bathroom mirror when I noticed that I could see Josh in the bedroom.I had left the door ajar so that the steam wouldn't be so dense and fog the mirror.Well I thought, there is nothing unusual about this occurrence.After all, he is my son and we have on occasion seen each other in our underwear.However, there was something that stirred in me this time that did not seem totally motherly.Maybe it was knowing that Josh had grown into a fine young man, or being in the hotel or a combination of both.Finally, Josh came back into view and he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me thorough the mirrors. I knew that if I went to the mirror, the reason would be to see if I could observe Josh as he had observed me. I looked into the mirror and sure enough, there was Josh in the bathroom. I looked at it and saw what a fine, virile man he had grown into. The only thing available was a room with one queen size.I reached for my hairbrush and began brushing as I kept my eye on Josh. I was filled with motherly and womanly love for my son. But also, appreciative of his masculinity, his manhood. We took it and Josh said he would sleep on the sofa.

This time the mirrors were not aligned properly to allow for any view of each other.Instead of wrapping the towel above my breasts as I had done when I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped it around my waist, which left my breasts totally exposed.I tinkered at the bathroom counter and kept glancing into the other room.Something that seemed to happen without much thought.I was visioning Josh's hardon from the day before as I removed my towel and dried my hair some more.

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