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Pursuant to Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, access to all electronic and other court records shall be governed by the Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records and Access Security Matrix.

At this time, Civil Sexual Violence Injunction Cases are not searchable/viewable through HOVER; the case progress dockets are available through this link.

It is a requirement that the sexual violence be reported to a law enforcement agency and that the person filing the petition cooperate in the investigation.

A petition may be filed against a respondent who was sentenced to imprisonment for the sexual violence and who has been or will be released from incarceration. If you need to file a petition for Protection Against Domestic Violence outside the hours of operation for the courthouse, you may contact local law enforcement for assistance or the Spring of Tampa Bay at (813) 247-7233 to arrange to complete the necessary paperwork at the shelter.

You must describe any previous or pending attempts you have made to obtain an Injunction for Protection, or any other cause of action currently pending between you and the Respondent.

An Injunction for Protection is a civil matter and all information and pleadings filed in the case are a matter of public record and are open for public inspection.

A copy of all paperwork you file in your case will be served upon the respondent.

Do not put any addresses or phone numbers within the paperwork that you do not want the other party to have.

Injunctions for Protection Against Stalking may be issued against an individual who has committed stalking, previously threatened, harassed, stalked, cyber stalked, physically abused, threatened to harm you, family members or individuals closely associated to you, intentionally injured or killed a family pet; used or threatened to use against you any weapons such as guns or knives; has a criminal history involving violence or threat of violence, another order of protection issued against him or her previously from another jurisdiction or destroyed personal property, including, but not limited to, telephones or other communication equipment, clothing, or other items. You may complete the necessary paperwork at the Plant City Courthouse Annex, located at 301 N. The hours of operation are 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday. There is no fee required to file a Petition for Injunction for Protection for Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Violence or Stalking.Please read our information brochure (provided in English and Spanish) before filling out a petition.The brochure explains the process for obtaining an injunction and what to expect.Violations of injunctions may result in a criminal offense.The Misdemeanor / County Criminal Department handles the court case files involved with the resulting criminal charges.

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Every year, the Clerk’s Office processes about 6,600 applications for restraining orders.

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