Quotes on dating bad guys no dating policy for employees

Posted by / 25-Oct-2017 18:27

Quotes on dating bad guys

Having him by your side will more often than not give you the courage to attempt things you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find the courage to even try to do.

Take women, for example: Every woman will be attracted to what we would call a "Bad Boy" at some point in her life or another.You like drama because drama is what makes you feel alive. Women love Bad Boys because they allow for an emotional roller coaster ride, which often creates the most memorable moments of our lives -- something that is seemingly lacking with the more stable, Good Guys.Drama, like all things, is only good in smaller doses.Again, you may think this is a feeling you don’t wish to experience… All women -- and men for that matter -- want to think they could lose the love of their lives.We need to believe we could lose them because it reminds us how much they mean to us.

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