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The page was exposed by the military website War Horse.

Your soggy, dripping member is impossible to conceal.Nude photographs that were shared on the Marines United Facebook page are now being sold on the dark web on Alpha Bay, an illegal marketplace.They are being advertised on Facebook in a copycat group called Marines United (214) by trolls using fake names Another group still exists on Facebook under the title Marines Unchained.They are advertised on the hidden Facebook group Marines United (214) which investigators say was created by civilians posing as the infamous Marines who set up the first group to squeeze money out of the international scandal.The photographs include revealing photographs of Marines' former girlfriends and some images taken on bases without the subject's knowledge.

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There, members refer tauntingly to 'wooks', a derogatory name male members of the trend prescribe to female Marines. Users buy and sell murder, babies, drugs and child pornography.

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