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Updating zune recent plays

This feature was originally slated to be part of the original consumer release of the 2.x firmware (several reviewers described having this option), but it was removed. Also adds new features such as gapless playback, smart playlists, new sorting options, multiple device syncing, and support for XNA (Xbox game developers will be able to load custom code using the XNA platform).Zune Social is better integrated, and users with Windows Live Messenger can display which song is being played to people in their buddy list.Additional features were added (Zune HD only), new artists view links, mobile or PC view settings in browser as well as auto-correction, auto-capitalization and privacy links, seek to radio presets, and new and updated apps. search or editing tags).(Latest for all models except Zune HD.) Bug fixes for play errors, music skipping, faster operation, and compatibility with 4.2 software update. Smart DJ and Social features removed for all international users.

When a notice pops up informing you that new firmware is available, click it and follow the directions to update the device.

That means no more auto-playlists, sync groups, wireless syncing, simple media management, etc.

Windows Phone 7.8 still works with Zune and allows for flawless media syncing.

Zune Channels, custom programming stations that deliver personalized playlists to Zune from a variety of sources the user selects (such as music experts, celebrities, or top radio stations), is added.

A clock, screen lock feature, and free games (Texas Hold'em and Hexic) are added.

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If you didn’t receive the upgrade automatically, there are ways to install it manually.

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